Designer Illustrator, Bill Wallace, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He completed four years as an illustration major at the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bill now resides in Scarborough , Maine.
He was a technical illustrator for Boeing-Vertol. Since then, he became a full-time free lance illustrator and designer for many industries, information centers and museums. Many artistic creations, including exhibit design, technical illustration, wildlife art, murals and dioramas, can be seen throughout the New England area.

Many of Bill's paintings are in print form and are available in bookstores across the country and through the internet. His most popular work, The Lion and the Lamb, can be found in many places world wide.

In 1998 he completed one of his largest paintings; a dramatic backdrop, (24' x 16) for a church baptistry in Bangor, Maine.

He is able to create photos and graphics for Power Point presentations, publications, logos, labels, illustrations and other design applications.

Whatever your artistic needs may be, call for more information:

207. 303.0891

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